Call for Abstract

Faculty of Nursing Universitas Indonesia proudly invite all nursing scholars, students, researchers, and lecturers to participate in the 8th Virtual Biennial International Nursing Conference (8th VBINC) November 4th-5th 2022.

Nurses is a profession that becomes one unit with health services. Quality health services are highly expected by patients and their families who need services provided with a touch of affection and qualified skills. A nurses is expected to not only be able to provide services when sick but also during the process after illness. The work of nurses needs appreciation and support in improving the health and welfare of the community. Recognition of the existence and existence of nurses is the main material for nurses to be able to have a greater impact on society. Improving self-knowledge skills and nurse skills can be applied in a renewal created in the provision of nursing care.
Nurses are the building blocks to an effective health system and have a vital role in promoting and protecting the health and well-being of individuals and communities (International Council of Nurses, 2021). Therefore, nurses have a professional obligation to understand the world in its broader context and base decision-making on an expanded understanding of ourselves, our patients, and our circumstances (Salvage and White, 2020). This mean that innovation and progress health is necessary for nurses in pandemic situation.

Most importantly, the nurses as health care professionals especially during this COVID-19 pandemic, they must be able to overcome health problems or all crises that occur in patients, families and communities. Therefore, Faculty of Nursing University of Indonesia is organizing its 8th Biennial International Nursing Conference 2022 to a virtual platform


To improve the global competitiveness of nurses to the challenges of innovating in the delivery of health services in both education and service.


1. To publish a number of scientific works from research by Indonesian nurses in internationally reputable journals indexed in Scopus
2. To increase cooperation between researchers from various countries and at the same time become a publication medium for Indonesian academics
3. Researchers are able to exchange information so that it will be able to add insight and maturity of scientific thinking.


1. Nursing Technology Challenges for Person Centered Care in theĀ  Future
2. Creative Problem-solving Abilities in Nursing for Health Promotion
3. Nurses’ attitudes towards the usefulness of novel technologies for future healthcare
4. Challenging Indonesian Nursing Education To Face Industry 4.0 And Society 5.0